Declaration and finalisation: Distribution in specie of Trencor’s remaining shareholding in Textainer to Trencor’s shareholders

26 May 2020

SENS Announcement (PDF)


If you have already submitted a duly completed Form of Declaration and Undertaking to Trencor for purposes of the previous unbundling on 17 December 2019  you are not required to (re)complete any of the Form(s), unless you are aware of a change in beneficial owner details previously reported to Trencor

If you are exempt from Dividends Tax – you must complete Form I (PDF)

If you are subject to Dividends Tax at a reduced rate – you must complete Form II (PDF)

If you are not exempt from Dividends Tax and not subject to Dividends Tax at a reduced rate – you are not required to complete any of the Form(s)

Please email your completed form to on an urgent basis.

Do not hesitate to contact should you have any queries in relation to the completion of the Form(s) of Declaration and Undertaking.