Textainer shares, TAC shares and cash distributed to Trencor by Halco Holdings


(Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa)

(Registration No 1955/002869/06)

Share Code: TRE

ISIN: ZAE000007506



Further to previous Stock Exchange News Service (“SENS”) announcements issued by Trencor, shareholders are advised that Halco Holdings Inc (“Halco”) declared to Trencor, as the sole shareholder of Halco, three dividends on 11 May 2018, namely 47,8% of the shares in Textainer Group Holdings Limited (NYSE: TGH) (“Textainer”), 100% of the shares in unlisted TAC Limited (“TAC”) (these dividends constituting the entirety of Halco’s shareholdings in Textainer and TAC) and a cash amount of US$8 million.  As a result, Trencor will own 47,8% of Textainer and 100% of TAC.

With reference to the SENS announcement of 2 January 2018 relating to the “Voting Limitation Deed between Halco and Textainer” (“VLD”), shareholders are advised that Trencor, as owner of 47,8% of Textainer, will assume the same contractual rights and obligations vis-à-vis Textainer as Halco had under the VLD.  As Trencor will be regarded in terms of IFRS as being neither in control of nor having significant influence over Textainer, Textainer will continue to be accounted for by Trencor at fair value through profit or loss from 1 January 2018.

With reference to the SENS announcement of 22 February 2018, shareholders are further advised that, in respect to the customary indemnity provided by Trencor on 20 February 2018 to inter alia the trustee of the Halco Trust (“Trust”) prior to the vesting and distribution of the Trusts assets to Trencor, the maximum exposure under such indemnity has since been reduced from an amount equal to the value of the Trusts assets distributed to a considerably smaller amount of US$62 million.

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15 May 2018

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